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Paul Vallely



What others say

 Paul Vallely CMG FRSA

“Paul Vallely’s dedication to the people of Africa, and the world’s poor in general, has been exemplary for decades.”  BOB GELDOF

“Paul Vallely has an unusual ability to distil arguments, which may sometimes be technical or complex, into clear and strong messages for those involved in the making of policy.” LORD NICHOLAS STERN author of Stern Review on Climate Change

“Paul Vallely has a strategic mind and political instinct for how to make change happen.” JUSTIN FORSYTH former deputy director of Unicef

“This would never have been possible without your knowledge and commitment. Thank you seems inadequate but it is heartfelt – and you should be very proud of this.” ELTON JOHN

“Paul Vallely’s observations are sharp and sound, his advice unerring.” Bishop JAMES JONES chair of the Hillsborough Independent Panel


“Paul Vallely has an intimate understanding from over 20 years in the media of how the minds of journalists work in both creating and defending their output. His insights, judgement and advice are most valuable.”

LORD MICHAEL GRADE former chairman of the BBC


“You have made me proud. Thank you for being the midwife.” BONO


“Over many years, Paul Vallely has turned his incisive mind to how a business can successfully combine making a profit with attending to the ethical underpinnings to promote the wider good of society. He is one of a group of pioneering thinkers in this field.” DAVID NUSSBAUM CEO of The Elders and chair of Transparency International UK


“Paul Vallely has produced the best single volume on the ideas that have shaped philanthropy. Stuffed with astonishing stories and illuminating interviews, this book will be a lasting resource.” ROB REICH Professor of Political Science, Stanford University