What people say

Geldof and Vallely L8 

Bob Geldof:

“Paul Vallely’s book Bad Samaritans: First World Ethics and Third World Debt was a seminal work which first highlighted the need to move “from charity to justice” as a campaigning paradigm. This was one of the key inspirations behind the foundation of the Jubilee 2000 debt campaign and a political message which went global with Live 8.

“He helped shape the thinking of the Commission for Africa which became the blueprint for the Gleneagles Agreement on Africa – and a highly readable document for the general public. It was a task of considerable intellectual skill, sheer writing talent and extremely hard work.

“Paul Vallely’s dedication to the people of Africa, and the world’s poor in general, has been exemplary for the past two decades.”


Lord Stern, head of policy for the Commission for Africa and author of the Stern Review on Climate Change:

“Paul Vallely has an unusual ability to distil arguments, which may sometimes be technical or complex, into clear and strong messages for those involved in the making of policy.”


Rt Rev +James Jones, former Bishop of Liverpool:

"With the experience of a seasoned journalist Paul has the great skill of being able to interpret the world to an organisation and even more importantly the ability to interpret and communicate that organisation to the world. His observations are sharp and sound, his advice unerring.”


Elton John:

“This would never have been possible without your knowledge and commitment. Thank you seems inadequate but it is heartfelt - and you should be very proud of this.”


Michael Grade, a former chairman of the BBC and a Band Aid trustee, says:

“Paul Vallely has an intimate understanding from over 20 years in the media of how the minds of journalists work in both creating and defending their output. His insights, judgement and advice are most valuable.”


David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF UK and chair of Transparency International UK:

“Over many years, Paul Vallely has turned his incisive mind to how a business can successfully combine making a profit with attending to the ethical underpinnings which make better companies vehicles to promote the wider good of society. He is one of a group of pioneering thinkers in this field, who also communicates about the opportunities he sees and the examples he comes across, facing the complex realities of our world.”



“You have made me proud. This issue contains a lot of powerful ideas. Thank you for being the midwife.”


David Bull, Executive Director of Unicef UK, wrote to Paul Vallely after the 2012 campaignto help rescueand rehabilitate child soldiers in Africa:

“We were all too aware of the immense sensitivities around this subject matter and the need to protect these incredibly vulnerable children, which is often a challenge when also trying to tell their stories in the media. But what we hadn’t counted on was your incredible leadership and dedication to the appeal, and your experience and understanding of how organisations like UNICEF work and the elements that we would want to consider throughout. Your skills, knowledge and experience in doing these appeals and how critical that was to its success. The copy was emotive, powerful and engaging throughout - so much so that it raised more than we and our colleagues in Central African Republic could possibly have hoped – and we all have you to thank for that.”


Sir Martin Narey, former head of UK prison Service and chief executive of Barnardo’s says:

“Paul Vallely’s brand of thorough, objective, critical investigation and reporting is all but extinct and that's a great pity”


James Hanning, former deputy editor of the Independent on Sunday says:

“What singles out Paul Vallely from the run of British journalists is his singular ability to combine ethics, philosophy and history into a lens through which to see a wide range of contemporary issues. Always well-researched and well-argued, he ranges readably across an extremely broad spectrum of domestic and international issues. His is a distinctive voice which draws on a wealth of experience from a distinguished career reporting from more than 30 countries. His insightful connections and informed opinions reflect the complexity of our modern world in an accessible way to the general reader.”


Justin Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, says:

“Paul Vallely has been at the centre of all the great campaigns of the last few decades to end poverty and injustice from Jubilee 2000 to Make Poverty History – as a journalist, strategist and campaigner. He combines a rare writing talent that powerfully brings alive the stories of human suffering and endeavour with a strategic mind and political instinct for how to make change happen.”

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