project management


Paul Vallely will undertake the management of major projects. He has more than 10 years experience with 27 charities running The Independent’s Christmas Appeal which has raised a total of £2.4m and also awareness of a wide range of project, advocacy and campaigning work.

Each year this was a two month challenge preparing for a 30-day campaign in the pages of the newspaper.

It involved analysis of the main messages individual charities wanted to convey and then teasing out from staff the best examples to promote the campaign points.  It then required planning, co-ordinating and managing staff in more than a dozen countries round the world to garner the necessary material. Vallely then supervised the focusing and presentation of the material and liased between the charities and the newspaper production team over any editorial sensitivities in the subject matter on a day-to-day basis.





David Bull, Executive Director of Unicef UK, wrote after the 2012 campaign to help rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers in Africa:

“We were all too aware of the immense sensitivities around this subject matter and the need to protect these incredibly vulnerable children, which is often a challenge when also trying to tell their stories in the media.  But what we hadn’t counted on was your incredible leadership and dedication to the appeal, and your experience and understanding of how organisations like UNICEF work and the elements that we would want to consider throughout.

"Your skills, knowledge and experience in doing these appeals and how critical that was to its success.  The copy was emotive, powerful and engaging throughout - so much so that it raised more than we and our colleagues in Central African Republic could possibly have hoped – and we all have you to thank for that.”


Paul Vallely can liaise between you and external groups on individual projects, as he did for Elton John when he edited the  World Aids Day issue of The Independent or for Bono on the Red issue of the paper. 




Elton John: 

“This would never have been possible without your knowledge and commitment. Thank you seems inadequate but it is heartfelt - and you should be very proud of this.”  





“You have made me proud. This issue contains a lot of powerful ideas. Thank you for being the midwife." is registered at Companies House as Paul Vallely Consulting Ltd.
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