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angel reversedPaul Vallely offers advice to, and about, faith and religion in Britain and the wider world today. He helps secular organisations understand the internal thinking of religions and the social groups for whom faith is a key component of their identity. He helps church leaders to communicate better with our increasingly secular society and avoid the pitfalls of failing to understand how wider society and its media will react to faith-based statements and actions.

Vallely has written about religion for more than two decades. For much of that time he has been a weekly columnist in the Church Times and has written extensively for The Tablet, of which he is now a director.

He gives strategic media advice to the Archbhishop of Canterbury and has advised the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales and was the author of two of their major reports – on The Big Society (2011) on Punishment and Prison (2004). He is an expert in Catholic Social Teaching - 100 years of attempts to find a third way between unregulated capitalism and dirigiste socialism - which offers insights for new thinking in the 21st century. He is the editor of The New Politics: Catholic Social Teaching for the 21st century.

Among the faith leaders and thinkers with whom he has worked over the years are: Prof Akbar Ahmed, Stephen Bachelor, Prof Tina Beattie, Archbishop George Carey,  Prof Owen Chadwick, Thomas Cullinan OSB, Akhandadhi Das, Rabbi David Goldberg, Archbishop John Habgood, Daphne Hampson, Cardinal Basil Hume OSB, Bishop James Jones, Rabbi Jonathan Magonet, Abdal Hakim Murad, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, Fuad Nahdi, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Shaunaka Rishi das, Archbishop Robert Runcie, Lord Indarjit Singh, Jon Sobrino SJ, Archbishop Peter Smith, Prof Keith Ward, Archbishop Justin Welby, Archbishop Rowan Williams and Bishop Tom Wright.

Bishop James Jones says:

“Paul Vallely has the great skill of being able to interpret the world to an organisation and, even more importantly, the ability to interpretand communicate that organisation to the world. His observations are sharp and sound, his advice unerring" is registered at Companies House as Paul Vallely Consulting Ltd.
Registered number 08424620. Registered address Sterling House, 501 Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9LY